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Furious Zoo - Back To Blues Rock (2014)
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Mensaje Furious Zoo - Back To Blues Rock (2014) 
[align=right][align=center][color=#FF00FF] [b] Furious Zoo - Back To Blues Rock (2014) [/b] [/color]





[color=#FF00FF][b]Year[/b] : 2014
[b]Style[/b] :  Hard Rock
[b]Country[/b] : France
[b]Audio[/b] : 320 kbps + scans
[b]Size[/b] : 164 mb[/color]


FURIOUS ZOO is the side project of singer - drummer HANTSON RENAUD ( 7 albums with SATAN including " SJ 2009" and " Fetish X" albums of the current reformation of the band with a new line-up, nine solo albums with group JOKERS many successes, videos , tours and TV show , producer of several rock bands , various vocal participations [ Enfoirés , Solidays , Shannon ...] , known for his roles in the opera -rock Starmania , he also embodied James Dean , the role title the Legend of Jimmy , before interpreting recently Gringoire in Notre- Dame de Paris , becoming the only former hard-rock musician to succeed in an increasingly popular genre ) . Defined by Michel Berger as the best singer of his generation and considered by the readers of specialized debut in Satan Jokers as the number one rock drummers French magazines, especially Renaud HANTSON takes a breath of fresh air with FURIOUS ZOO which allows forget his passion for music, which meant artistic freedom, music mixes and technical qualities , does not want to say much in a show business where only prevail viewership , radio ads , and ephemeral stars.He wanted to rediscover the pleasure of playing a melodic hard rock with titles in various environments where his voice expresses nuances between strength and finesse, in line with the hero of his adolescence and friend since 1993 : Glenn Hughes ( ex Deep Purple ) . FURIOUS ZOO is the envy of the direct contact with the public by playing in small venues , clubs, bars and festivals , this qu'Hantson had never done before, except during memorable horse. The joy of playing the Big Rock , which will own compositions ( discover Album " Furioso II " released in June 2005 and in the " Furioso III" " CD mixing tracks recorded in concert and studio tracks or in the comprehensive DVD group then power trio (with BENOIT COUSIN guitar and CEDRIC LE COZ bass) including live , studio interviews and published both in June 2006) to 70 times ranging from Hendrix, ZZ Top , U2, Thin Lizzy or through Deep Purple and many others.Accompanied by guitarist concert in 2009 PHILIPPE KALFON , bassist and drummer JOE WENERJA STEINMANN combo on -vitamin fires each of its passages on stage, because it combines the experience of outstanding musicians and spontaneity of a new group that likes to roam the club as their primary purpose is pleasure. The album " Furioso IV " contains fourteen titles in English including a cover of "Down On The Street" Stooges few cannonballs as " Get Out Of My Way ", " H Bomb Child " or " Rock Messiah ", the sophisticated " the Furious Zoo ," " Tonight ," " No More ," " Dangerous Game " or " Tough Enough " and a duet entitled " A Dead Man Will not Lie" with Zouille , the former singer of Hex . The years pass and a lifestyle often rock n 'roll does not seem to have taken on HANTSON which appears more youthful and energetic over time (which spoke of a pact with the devil ? ... ) . With this excellent new CD , regular concerts and a public increasingly loyal and numerous FURIOUS ZOO proves he is a true group that has always said he would grow over the albums. The coming months promise to brutally difficult for the skeptics who still think we were not allowed to love several musical styles and Renaud HANTSON had renounced the world of Hard Rock , especially with the fifth album of the band 2010 version to the explicit and sexy cover " A.nal O.riented R.ock - Furioso V" ( referring to the U.S. HANTSON AOR radio formats "Album Oriented Rock" ) which now has in its ranks in concert MIKE ZURITA guitars ( SATAN JOKERS ) and JULIEN LOISON bass. More mature and directed Big Rock influences how the current group ( Journey , Mr. Big , Toto ...), it contains 14 new songs including the future standards of live FURIOUS ZOO "Who Is Who ", " Tied Up" , "Insomnia" , "Go!" , "Big Boobies ", " Locomotive Breath " ( Jethro Tull cover ) or emotional " Heal Me" and " I'll Go Alone" ... A new album " Wock'n Woll - Furioso VI " with what insiders already agreed to consider as the best concert line-up FURIOUS ZOO due out in September 2011 ...


Renaud HANTSON : chant, batterie
Joe STEINMANN - Batterie
Michaël ZURITA - Guitares
Julien LOISON - Basse

Special Guests :

Cécile Lembrez, Patty Varen, Audrey Chariras, Linda Larkovirta - Chœurs
Nico Chariras - Guitare rythmique
Christian "Zouille" AUGUSTIN - Chant


01. You're the One 3:44
02. The Witch Blues 4:11
03. No Respect 4:02
04. Back to the Blues 5:05
05. No Way 3:10
06. On the Road Again 5:03
07. My Heart Reminds Me 4:55
08. Rock Injection 5:00
09. About to Begin 4:12
10. What About Me 5:56
11. Little Rosie 3:51
12. Look Wot You Dun 3:29
13. I Hurt Myself 5:10
14. Miss Domina 4:17
15. It's Alright 3:41
16. I Have Nothing 4:35

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