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KISS - Kissology [Limited Exclusive Japanese Box Set] (2009) (8xDVD9, 10xDVD5)...
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Mensaje KISS - Kissology [Limited Exclusive Japanese Box Set] (2009) (8xDVD9, 10xDVD5) 

[color=orange][b]KISS - Kissology [Limited Exclusive Japanese Box Set] (2009) (8xDVD9, 10xDVD5)
Country: Usa | Video: NTSC 29.970, 720x480 (4:3), 4818 kb/s | Audio: AC3 5.1, 364kb/s | Size: 84.600 mb | Lenght: 30 hours | Genre: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock[/b][/color]

[color=red][b]VOLUME I[/b][/color]
[b]Disc 1[/b]
Long Beach Auditorium, Long Beach, CA (February 17, 1974)
1. "Acrobat"
ABC's In Concert (recorded February 21, 1974, aired March 29)
2."Nothin' to Lose"
4."Black Diamond"
The Mike Douglas Show (recorded April 29, 1974, aired May 21)
5. Gene Simmons interview
6. "Firehouse"
Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CA (January 31, 1975)
9."Got to Choose"
10."Hotter than Hell"
12."Watchin' You"
13."Nothin' to Lose"
15."100,000 Years"
16."Stanley's Solo + Black Diamond"
17."Cold Gin"
18."Let Me Go, Rock 'n' Roll"(Incomplete)
The Midnight Special (April 1, 1975)
20."Black Diamond"
Alive! promotional videos (1975)
21."C'mon and Love Me"
22."Rock and Roll All Nite"
Documentary: Cadillac, Michigan (October 1975)
Cobo Arena, Detroit, MI (January 26, 1976)
25."C'mon and Love Me"
26."Hotter than Hell"
30."Nothin' to Lose"
31."100,000 Years"
32."Black Diamond"
33."Cold Gin"
34."Rock and Roll All Nite"
35."Let Me Go, Rock 'n' Roll"
EASTER EGG: Deuce Live at Coventry (1973)

[b]DISC 2[/b]
So It Goes
2."Black Diamond" (partial)
The Paul Lynde Halloween Special (recorded October 19–20, 1976, aired October 31)
3."King of the Night Time World"
Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan (April 2, 1977)
4."Detroit Rock City"
5."Take Me"
6."Let Me Go, Rock 'n' Roll"
7."Ladies Room"
9."Makin' Love"
10."I Want You"
11."Cold Gin"
12."Do You Love Me?"
13."Nothin' to Lose"
14."God of Thunder"
15."Rock & Roll All Nite"
16."Shout It Out Loud"
18."Black Diamond"
Don Kirshner's Rock Concert (May 28, 1977)
19."I Want You"
20."Hard Luck Woman"
21."Love 'Em And Leave 'Em"
The Summit, Houston, TX (September 2, 1977)
22."I Stole Your Love"
23."Take Me"
24."Ladies Room"
26."Love Gun"
28."Makin' Love"
29."Christine Sixteen"
30."Shock Me"
31."I Want You"
32."Calling Dr. Love"
33."Shout It Out Loud"
34."God of Thunder"
35."Rock and Roll All Nite"
36."Detroit Rock City"
38."Black Diamond"
EASTER EGG: Ace Frehley Wedding Performance (1976)

[color=red][b]Volume 1 Bonus Disc Set[/b][/color]
[b]Disc 1[/b]
Cobo Arena, Detroit, MI (January 25, 1976)
3."C'mon and Love Me"
4."Hotter than Hell"
7."Ladies in Waiting"
8."Nothin' to Lose"
9."100,000 Years"
10."Black Diamond"

[b]Disc 2[/b]
Madison Square Garden, New York City February 18, 1977
1."Detroit Rock City"
2."Take Me"
3."Let Me Go, Rock 'N Roll"
5."Nothin' To Lose"
6."Shout It Out Loud"
7."Black Diamond"

[b]Disc 3[/b]
Capitol Centre, Largo, MD (December 20, 1977)
1."I Stole Your Love"
2."Ladies Room"
4."Love Gun"
5."Makin' Love"
6."Christine Sixteen"
7."I Want You"
8."Calling Dr. Love"
9."Shout It Out Loud"
10."God of Thunder"
11."Rock and Roll All Nite"
12."Black Diamond"



[color=red][b]VOLUME II[/b][/color]
[b]Disc 1[/b]
1.Land Of Hype And Glory with Edwin Newman – January 10, 1978 (4:3)
2.Kiss in Attack of The Phantoms European Theatrical Cut (Comedy) - 1979 (16:9)
3.The Tomorrow Show With Tom Snyder (partial) – October 31, 1979 (4:3)

[b]Disc 2[/b]
1.Shandi (music video) – 1980
2.CNN Interview with Peter Criss – September 24, 1980
Countdown – September 21, 1980
Rockpop – September 13, 1980
3."She’s So European"
4."Talk To Me"
KISS Invades Australia – Sydney Showground: Sydney, Australia – November 22, 1980
5."Detroit Rock City"
6."Cold Gin"
9."Calling Dr. Love"
11."Talk To Me"
12."Is That You?"
13."2,000 Man"
14."I Was Made For Lovin’ You" (Alt)
15."New York Groove"
16."Love Gun"
17.'Drum Solo"/"God Of Thunder"(Incomplete)
18."Rock And Roll All Nite"
19."Shout It Out Loud"
20."King Of The Night Time World"
21."Paul Stanley's Solo" + "Black Diamond"
Fridays – January 15, 1982
22."The Oath "
23."A World Without Heroes"
Top Pop – November 1982
25."I Love It Loud"

[b]Disc 3[/b]
Maracana Stadium: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil July 18, 1983
1."Creatures Of The Night"
2."Cold Gin"
3."Calling Dr. Love"
5."I Love It Loud"
6."War Machine"
7."Black Diamond"
8."Rock And Roll All Nite"
MTV Special: KISS Unmasking –September 18, 1983
Cascais Hall: Lisbon, Portugal – October 11, 1983
9."Creatures Of The Night"
10."Detroit Rock City"
The Spectrum: Philadelphia, PA – December 18, 1987
11."Love Gun"
12."Bang Bang You"
13."Reason To Live"
14."No, No, No"
15."Crazy, Crazy Nights"
The Palace At Auburn Hills: Detroit, MI – October 14, 1990
16."I Stole Your Love"
18."Heaven’s On Fire"
19."Crazy Crazy Nights"
20."Black Diamond"
21."Shout It Out Loud"
23."Calling Dr. Love"
24."I Was Made For Lovin’ You"
25."Fits Like A Glove"
26."Hide Your Heart"
27."Lick It Up"
28."God Of Thunder"
30."Cold Gin"
31."Tears Are Falling"
32."I Love It Loud"
33."Love Gun"
34."Detroit Rock City"
35."I Want You"
36."Rock And Roll All Nite"
Day In Rock – November 25, 1991: MTV News excerpt
Music Video – 1991
37."God Gave Rock ‘N’ Roll To You II"
Bonus after the credits
Eric Carr in the hospital.
EASTER EGG on the menu if you click on the "KISSology" : Gene Simmons & Mark St. John Interview

[color=red][b]Volume 2 Bonus Disc Set[/b][/color]
[b]Disc 1[/b]
Nippon Budokan- Tokyo, Japan April 21, 1988
1.Love Gun
2.Cold Gin
3.Crazy Crazy Nights
4.Heaven's on Fire
5.War Machine
6.I Love It Loud
7.Lick It Up
8.I Was Made for Lovin' You
9.Detroit Rock City

[b]Disc 2[/b]
Capital Centre, Largo, MD - July 8, 1979
2.Move On
3.Calling Dr. Love
5.New York Groove
6.Tossin' And Turnin'
7.I Was Made For Lovin' You
8.Christine Sixteen
9.Love Gun
10.God Of Thunder
11.Shout It Out Loud
12.Black Diamond
13.Detroit Rock City
14.Rock And Roll All Nite

[b]Disc 3[/b]
The Ritz New York, NY- August 13, 1988
2.Love Gun
3.Fits Like A Glove
4.Heaven's on Fire
5.Cold Gin
6.Black Diamond
8.Crazy, Crazy Nights
9.Calling Dr. Love
10.War Machine
11.Tears Are Falling



[color=red][b]VOLUME III[/b][/color]
[b]Disc 1[/b]
The Palace of Auburn Hills: Detroit, MI November 27, 1992
1."Creatures of the Night"
3."I Just Wanna"
6."Heaven's On Fire"
8."Watchin' You"
9."War Machine"
10."Rock and Roll All Nite"
11."Lick It Up"
12."Take It Off"
13."I Love It Loud"
14."Detroit Rock City"
15."God Gave Rock and Roll to You II"
16."Love Gun"
17."The Star-Spangled Banner"
MTV Unplugged: August 9, 1995
Behind the Scenes
18."Comin' Home"
19."Plaster Caster"
20."Goin' Blind"
21."Do You Love Me"
23."Got to Choose"
24."Sure Know Something"
25."A World Without Heroes"
26."Hard Luck Woman" (Previously Unreleased)
27."Rock Bottom"
28."See You Tonight"
29."I Still Love You"
30."Every Time I Look at You"
31."Heaven's on Fire" (Previously Unreleased)
32."Spit" (Previously Unreleased)
33."C'mon And Love Me" (Previously Unreleased)
34."God of Thunder" (Previously Unreleased)
35."2,000 Man"
37."Nothin' to Lose"
38."Rock and Roll All Nite"

[b]Disc 2[/b]
Tiger Stadium: Detroit, MI June 28, 1996
2."King of the Night Time World"
3."Do You Love Me"
4."Calling Dr. Love"
5."Cold Gin"
6."Christine Sixteen"
7."Love Gun"
8."Shout it Out Loud"
9."Watchin' You"
12."Shock Me"
13."Rock Bottom"
14."God of Thunder"
15."Let Me Go, Rock 'n' Roll"
16."100,000 Years"
17."Rock and Roll All Nite"
1996 MTV Video Music Awards: Brooklyn Bridge, NY September 4, 1996
18."Rock and Roll All Nite"
19."New York Groove"
21."Calling Dr. Love"
22."Love Gun"
Dodger Stadium: Los Angeles, CA October 31, 1998 Part 1
23."Psycho Circus"
24."Shout It Out Loud"
25."Let Me Go, Rock 'n' Roll"
26."Shock Me"
27."Do You Love Me"
28."Calling Dr. Love"
30."Cold Gin"
31."Nothin' to Lose"
33."I Was Made For Lovin' You"

[b]Disc 3[/b]
Dodger Stadium - Los Angeles, CA Part 2
1."Into The Void"
2."Love Gun"
4."100,000 Years"
5."King Of The Night Time World"
6."God Of Thunder"
8."Detroit Rock City"
10."Black Diamond"
11."Rock And Roll All Nite"
Detroit Rock City Movie Premiere Party: Los Angeles,CA August 8, 1999
12."Detroit Rock City"
13."Shout It Out Loud"
14."Cold Gin"
15."Rock And Roll All Nite"
"Last KISS" Pay-Per-View Event: Continental Arena, NJ June 27, 2000
16."Detroit Rock City"
18."Shout It Out Loud"
20."Heaven's On Fire"
21."Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Roll"
22."Shock Me"
23."Psycho Circus"
24."God Of Thunder"
25."100,000 Years"
26."Love Gun"
27."I Still Love You/ Black Diamond"
29."Rock And Roll All Nite"

[b]Disc 4[/b]
Coventry - Queens, NY December 23, 1973 (The Earliest Live Performance)
2."Cold Gin"
3."Nothin' To Lose"
6."Let Me Know"
7."100,000 Years"
8."Black Diamond"
9."Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Roll"

[color=red][b]Volume 3 Bonus Disc Set[/b][/color]
[b]Disc 1[/b]
KROQ Weenie Roast: Irvine Meadows, CA June 15, 1996 (Reunion Tour opener)
2."Love Gun"
3."Cold Gin"
4."Calling Dr. Love"
6."Shock Me"
7."100,000 Years"
8."Detroit Rock City"
9."Black Diamond"
10."Rock and Roll All Nite"

[b]Disc 2[/b]
Madison Square Garden: New York City, NY July 27, 1996 (Reunion Tour)
2."Calling Dr. Love"
3."Cold Gin"
4."Let Me Go, Rock 'n' Roll"
5."Shout It Out Loud"
6."Watchin' You"
8."Shock Me"
10."Rock Bottom"
11."God of Thunder"
12."Love Gun"
13."100,000 Years"
14."Black Diamond"
15."Detroit Rock City"
16."Rock and Roll All Nite"

[b]Disc 3[/b]
Sao Paulo, Brazil August 27, 1994 (Revenge/Alive III tour with Sphinx stage)
1."Creatures of the Night"
5."I Stole Your Love"
6."Cold Gin"
7."Watchin' You"
9."Got to Choose"
10."Calling Dr. Love"
11."Makin' Love"
12."War Machine"
13."I Was Made for Lovin' You"
15."Love Gun"
16."Lick It Up"
17."God of Thunder"
18."I Love It Loud"
19."Detroit Rock City"
20."Black Diamond"
21."Heaven's On Fire"

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Mensaje Re: KISS - Kissology [Limited Exclusive Japanese Box Set] (2009) (8xDVD9, 10xDVD5) 
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Mensaje Re: KISS - Kissology [Limited Exclusive Japanese Box Set] (2009) (8xDVD9, 10xDVD5) 


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